InstaVerse 1.1

A tool that recognizes Bible references and shows you the corresponding text
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InstaVerse is a program that recognizes scripture abbreviations and pops up the exact texts from the Bible they refer to. You may see such reference in an e-mail or a web page. You will just need to hover your mouse over them – the InstaVerse window will pop up showing you the complete verse or paragraph as it appears in the King James Bible. This way you will be able not only to read the text, but also include it in your answer to an e-mail or in any other document.

InstaVerse can also be accessed from the icon it will install in the system tray. That icon will also give you access to the program’s options: for instance, you can add more Bibles to your library, and the program will display references from each of them. It is also possible to define hotkeys, fonts, and copy/paste formats.

InstaVerse also lets you search directly for a specific chapter in any Bible book. You can browse the whole King James Bible to locate the exact paragraph you want to read, using it just like any other e-book. In brief, InstaVerse is a valuable tool for those who study the Bible or write sermons, since it puts any and every scripture reference at their fingertips.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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